2011 Relay for Life Oshawa



          Relay for Life volunteer announcers Michelle Dube CTV                 

                                                                                   and Terry Johnston CKDO radio host



                      Walkers and cancer surviors gathering for opening ceremony                 Cancer surviors open the Relay for Life walk...                                                                                                  


                                    Relay for Life Chair opens the challenge to have Terry Johnston and Mayor John Henrys heads shaved.



                   Mayor John: like this Peter... is this how its done?                                   Thats only a about $20.00 for #1



                                                                                           Won't have to see you for a few months!!




                                            Pay backs......let me at him....                                      No not Terry...don't worry you are in good hands?



                                          You like..? LOL                                                                              Allow me.... to clean this up for you!!!



                        The track was full of Catch a Cure!                                                      And  Team Fishing for a Cure...!



                   Peter and Terry with the 1st and 2nd place winners                                                    The Fighting Irish....

                   for the most money raised online!


                                                                                                                         Not the green men but an orange boy!!!                                       Lifesavers...Team DCE



                                                                                              Terry Johnston and son




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