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Aveda Men Pure-Formance product line...

One more reason men are different than women

Men’s scalps are thicker than women’s and can produce twice the level of oil. It’s a biological fact. This can lead to sensitivity, dryness, itchiness and other unpleasant scalp conditions. That’s why the Aveda Men collection was created. A range of high-performance grooming products featuring Aveda’s exclusive phyto-blend developed to soothe and relieve scalp. Because a healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy hair.

Men who have tried these products agree. After just two weeks the results were remarkable: Those using a combination of Pure-Formance Shampoo and Conditioner saw and felt a definite difference.

80% said their scalp never felt so refreshed

72% experienced a reduction in oiliness and greasiness

65% experienced a reduction in scalp dryness and itchiness

65% said their scalp felt so great, so healthy

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