Client Survey
Thank you for recently choosing Elegance Salon Spa and allowing us to be of service. It is our goal to meet and exceed your expectations on every visit. To help us maintain our reputation of excellence kindly take the time to complete our comment card (below) to assess the quality of services received and to evaluate your overall experience with us.

Those of you that are existing guests or someone that is returning to Elegance Salon Spa your name will be entered into our quarterly draw for a chance to win a gift certificate to use toward your next visit to Elegance Salon Spa. And for those that are new clients please enjoy the 10% coupon that will be issued at completion of this survey for you to use within the next three months. Thank you.

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1. Booking the Appointment:
1a.Please give your impression of how you were treated on the telephone: *
2. Check In  - Did the customer care consultant...
2a. Cheerfully greet you? * Yes No n/a
2b. Was he or she aware that this was your first visit. * Yes No n/a
2c. Was the check-in process smooth and efficient? * Yes No n/a
2d. Were you offered a beverage? * Yes No n/a
2e. Were you toured and introduced to the salon spa procedures and services? * Yes No n/a
3. Greeting  - When you were greeted by your service provider did he/she...
3a. Greet you promptly? * Yes No n/a
3b. Greeted you - with a smile and welcome you in a warm, friendly manner with a hand shake of introduction? * Yes No n/a
3c. Please give your impression of how you were greeted by both the customer care consultant and your Service Technician: *
4. Was the workstation and/or treatment room clean and tidy? * Yes No n/a
5. Consultation:
5a. Service Tech. - Listen to your needs? * Yes No n/a
5b. Service Tech. - Made you feel comfortable? * Yes No n/a
5c. Service Tech.- Give you suggestions? * Yes No n/a
5d. Please give your impression of this aspect of service: *
6. Massage, Shampoo and Conditioning - Did your stylist...
6a. Give you a stress relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage prior to your styling session? * Yes No n/a
6b. Thoroughly cleanse and condition your hair? * Yes No n/a
6c. Inform you about what he/she was doing to you and what he/she was using on your hair? * Yes No n/a
6d. Please give your impression of this aspect of service provided by the Service Technician: *
7. Day Spa Session   - Did your Spa Therapist...
7a. Spa Therapist - Make you feel comfortable during your session? * Yes No n/a
7b. Spa Therapist - Give you a purescription sheet noting your home care regime and/or product recommendations? * Yes No n/a
7c. Please give your impression of the spa session *
8. Styling Session   - Did your stylist...
8a. Stylist - Give you any "styling tips" on how you could style your hair at home? * Yes No n/a
8b. Stylist - Show you how to use styling aids? (blow dryers, irons, gels, spays etc.) * Yes No n/a
8c. Stylist - Give you a purescription sheet noting your home care regime and/or product recommendations? * Yes No n/a
8d. Please give your impression of the styling session *
9. Send Off  - Did your Stylist/Service Technician
9a. Smile? * Yes No n/a
9b. Thank you for coming to the Salon/Spa and invite you to come back? * Yes No n/a
9c. Please give your impression of this aspect of service *
10. General:
10a. Was the salon and/or day spa clean and orderly? * Yes No n/a
10b. Would you recommend us to a friend? * Yes No n/a
10c. What did you like the most? *
10d. What did you like the least? *
10e. What would you like to see different on your next visit?  
10f. Comments  
Please keep my comments confidential Yes
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Thank you for your comments and time we appreciate it.

Yours in service,
Elegance Salon Spa Team

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